Dear Vancouver,

There’s a certain thrill in experiencing the unknown.
Your first kiss in the back seat of a 69 Thunderbird, trying that mysterious seafood that you saw on the Food Network but never had the guts to order, or waking up after a night out and asking “where the hell am I?”. They’re new, different, unpredictable, but always memorable.

We’d be lying if we said any of these could compare to our neighborhood. You could be taking your first bite of an enormous pulled pork sandwich, helping someone get back on their feet— while your hunger pains dissipate, or tasting the best fried chicken in the universe. Watching your first Star Wars might have came close, before the prequels, but after we tried one of Big Lou’s sandwiches at the Crab Park beach… sorry George Lucas.


As one of Vancouver’s best kept secrets, it’s hardly a shame that you might not have been to our neck of the woods: It’s an opportunity. How many times have you been to the same burger joint, the same park, the same beaches? The number is likely too many times to count. And while it’s nice to have your best friends, sometimes the new kid is worth spending the time to get to know, and they’re eager to meet you too.


We moved into Railtown early this year—after many months of searching for the ideal office and neighborhood. We knew very little about it, except that it was next to Gastown and Hootsuite had started there. What we found was unmatched anwhere else in our city: Railtown is home to some of Vancouver’s most successful fashion brands, amazing artisan shops, creative tech shops, world class food, but the best part is the people.


We’ve been told that sharing is a good thing, so we’d like to share this gem that we’ve found with all of you. Over the next few months we’ll be showing off some of our favorite places in the neighborhood and the people who give it life. So whether you’re looking for a new place to get an espresso, a park that doubles as an oasis in the middle of a bustling city, an amazing glass of wine, a turkey sandwich packed with avocado, or just a good place to start your walk of shame home, try Railtown.

We can’t get enough of it.

To start out, we’re sharing an insider’s view at some of our favorites—keep your eyes out for more coming soon.

Our neighbourhood’s own little wine shop

The location of frequent Thursday afternoon wine-filled strategy sessions.

There’s a fine line between graffiti and street art. Railtown has mastered that line.

Slow-cooked, pulled, braised awesomeness at the Railtown Cafe.

Random, unannounced food truck days.

Pretty much everyday you’ll stumble onto a “wait, what?” moment.

Bacon-wrapped anything

If there was ever anything you wanted to know about any kind of meat, the guys at Big Lous can tell you about it.

Inner city chess

Just can’t get enough