Daniel Páscoa

Hell Yes or No

Recently, I’ve been spending a lot of time planning out the curriculum for our upcoming real estate social media workshop: Real Social, and one of the lessons jumped out at me as hyper-relevant for all of us because of the impact that it’s had on me.

A few times a year I get together in a room with some of the most ambitious real estate agents in the city and work with them on their social plans, aligning their thinking and equipping them with skills. It’s a way for me to add value to an industry that typically doesn’t have access to high quality resources built specifically for them.

At the workshop, we first establish what’s possible, and check in on some fundamental social media principles. I hammer home the idea that anything worth doing is worth doing really well, and that means that very few of us can do more than a couple of things in social on a consistent basis. Hence: Hell Yes or No (original idea borrowed from Derek Sivers).

Applying that thinking to our own digital/social has been a game changer for me. A year ago I felt like I was spinning my wheels. We’d post on Facebook a bit, blog every once in a while, post on IG here and there, and I knew that none of them were really killing it. I took a step back and looked objectively at everything that we were doing and asked myself two questions:


The answer came back as clear as I’ve ever seen it: Email and the blog were our 80/20, and what I can offer is opinions and advice that make your work easier + more effective.

Now, I love those channels. I can’t wait to tell people to sign up for the email, and I feel awesome about the quality of this blog. No more half-assed social content (of course, I do still want to step up our IG frequency, but that’s priority #3).

What that looks like in execution is not blind faith in your judgment – this is actually where the testing part of digital comes in. Your job as a marketer is to get clear on what your intended outcome is, and test to make sure that the tactic that you’ve identified is actually delivering that for you. For us it’s Site Traffic, qualified leads and referral business. All three are up dramatically since we focused, and it allows me to see what’s working well and what needs to shift.

Perhaps its time for a bit of Spring Cleaning in your own social strategy – what’s taking up 80% of your time and delivering 20% of your results?

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