Boosted posts are an easy way for anybody, regardless of budget size, to dabble in social advertising, but starting later this month they’re going to come with a 30% fee.

That’s not a typo — from every dollar you spend on Facebook or Instagram boosted posts (inside the iOS apps), 30 cents will be wasted on fees. But in this case, Meta isn’t the bad guy.

The fee is collected by Apple according to their new App Store guidelines, where every purchase made in every app that was downloaded through the app store must pay an exorbitant tribute back to Apple, or risk being thrown off the platform.

Until now, disputes about Apple’s fee policy had raged on in the gaming and the developer communities, but this is the first time that they will be trying to bully small businesses at such a broad scale.

What can we do about it?

First of all, we should all set up Meta Business Manager and buy our ads using Advantage+, which is Meta’s AI-driven bidding tool. It’s super easy to use, extremely powerful, and comes with additional fees of $0.

However, we don’t all have the time to be managing every one of our ads that way, and sometimes we just want to get a quick boost for one of our posts. Meta knows that, so they’ve made it much simpler to buy ads in your mobile browser, thereby side-stepping Apple’s policy because the purchase isn’t placed directly in their app.

So next time you’re thinking about spending even $10 on a Facebook or Instagram post, stop yourself from clicking the Boost Post button, and instead open or in your browser, then buy your media there.

By taking that one extra step and placing your order in the browser, you’ll cut Apple out of the deal and instantly increase the efficiency of your ads by 30%.

Where else can you stand up to a Big Tech bully, and get 30% more out of your budget, all with a single click?

Stay safe out there, and don’t let Tim Cook push you around.

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