This week, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, the Super Bowl has suddenly become a big deal pretty much everywhere. That’s because advertisers and social media personalities are dominating the big game conversation, looking to become the next Oreo or Newcastle Brown Ale

In order to keep track of everything, we’ve teamed up with our friends over at Tradable Bits to build something really cool at, so that means that we’re kind of obsessed with all things Super Bowl, especially as it relates to social digital. You may notice a bit of a theme in this edition of the Social Brief.

The First Super Bowl Ad Preview

The best of the pre-released ads so far comes from Skittles (they’ve been killing it recently) and it consists of Steven Tyler rocking a candy-covered microphone. No word yet on how that’s going to play out, but they’ve got Twitter & Redditt buzzing with theories.


To keep up with everything that’s happening, check out AdWeeek. They’ve put together a real-time page where they’re adding in every pre-Super Bowl ad as they get released: Super Bowl Ad Tracker

Twitter Video PreRolls

This year, we’ll have more than just promoted tweets filling up our feeds from brands. Twitter has added 30-second pre-rolls to all video content just in time for the big game. Twitter owns real-time sports conversation, so #SB50 is its biggest opportunity of the year. For more details, check out the post on Digiday.

Men vs Women on Pinterest

Not to be outdone, Pinterest has had some success attracting guys recently, so they put together a battle of the sexes breakdown of what each gender is searching for. Spoiler: Super Bowl Snackadiums was one of the most popular for guys. Women? Food in mugs. Read the rest here

Who to Follow

This one doesn’t come from the game, but it is an awesome example of someone flipping the format to create an awesome experience. A Fashion Photographer has created a weird, somewhat sarcastic selfie project that primarily uses cinemagraphs to create a mesmerizing Insta-feed. @MilkeMellia


What to Listen to

Sometimes you want to get valuable info into your brain, but for whatever reason, reading just isn’t convenient. Podcast popularity is going through the roof lately, so I thought that I’d share one that I’ve been obsessed with right now: The Tim Ferriss Show. You may remember him from such books as: The Four Hour Workweek, and the Four Hour Body. He’s also a successful tech investor and blogger. To get you started, I’ve put together my Ferriss Starter Pack, in order of overall entertainment and value:

1. Jamie Foxx (Entertainer)
2. Derek Sivers (Revenue-generating-tech guy/happiness hacker)
3. Casey Neistat (Internet video guy)
4. Chris Sacca (Most successful VC in the world who thinks that education is bullshit)
5. Naval Ravikant (Down to earth super-angel)
Bonus: How to Build A World Class Network in Record Time

Pro tip: I like to listen to podcasts using the app Stitcher, but that’s partly because I’m an Android guy. If you’re on an iPhone, iTunes Podcasts will work just fine.

Briefed while watching Salomon’s crazy new 360 degree Facebook Video Salomon Freeski

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