This is the time of year that kicks off all things awesome: Barbecues, boats, camping and (of course) sharing all of it on your social channel of choice.

In the spirit of the weekend, I’ve put together a quick-hitter for you of a few of the most awesome examples of social done well from the past few weeks.

Summer is an outstanding opportunity for brands to share a little love – to get outside and do something awesome – so maybe one of these will serve as a bit of inspiration.

Happiness is Contagious – Kohls

Candace Kohls
When Candace Payne set up her phone to record a Facebook Live video stream, she couldn’t possibly have imagined the impact that she would have on the internet. What ended up being the possibly most glowing product endorsement ever posted, she shared her overwhelming joy caused by a Kohl’s toy with the world with the caption “It’s the simple joys in life”.

Apparently, the Facebook community agreed as it’s racked up over 137 million views in the past 3 days, making it the most viewed Facebook Live video ever posted.

So what did Kohl’s do about it? They didn’t slap her face on a billboard, or create a UGC Chewbacca photo contest. They kept it simple, and made a lot of friends along the way.

Kohl’s showed up at Candace’s place with a mess of gifts, including masks for everyone in the family, Star Wars toys and $2,500 in gift cards. What’s most remarkable about this is that a big, complex brand was able to pull the trigger on this, and record the whole thing within 48 hours of the original post. On the weekend.

The result: Another half million views, 2000 retweets, and a complete sell-out of Chewbacca masks across the country.

Stats source: Washington Post

Don’t Fight it, Snap It – Adidas Originals

Adidas Snapchat
Product releases for iconic brands like Adidas Originals are a big deal, but they usually get spoiled by some grainy iPhone photo from a sneakerhead who managed to get his hands on a pair before they were supposed to be out. That’s not good for anyone, so instead of fighting against the social element of releases – Adidas is getting in on it.

To intro their latest sneaker to the world, the Originals team hooked up with Pharrell and Big Sean to drop them live onto the AdidasOriginals Snapchat account. It was awesome because Pharrell and Big Sean got to be a part of something that they love (it wasn’t a forced “influencer content piece”), and the fans felt like they were behind the scenes of something awesome.

Pharrell took the account over, using a custom geofilter, and spreading it around to some of his friends including Snapchat OG: DJ Khaled.

All-in, the story picked up 3.4 million views, 4000 screenshots, and 87% of viewers whatched the whole 33 snap story.

Stats source: Digiday

Yuuuuge News from Cards Against Humanity

Yuuuuge Cards
The Cards Against Humanity guys are back at it again, and this time they’re going after Donald Trump.

This, coming from the same company that offered $6 boxes of “Bullshit” for Black Friday, sold out in one day, and delivered (as they describe it) “literal feces, from an actual bull” to 30,000 eager consumers. The stunt was a direct blast at the ridiculousness of the consumeristic-altar that that is the #1 shopping day of the year.

This time the target is everyone’s favourite (semi)successful businessman-turned politician.

They went beyond just a series of funny, offside cards, though and shoved all in with a Donald Trump Bug-Out Bag.

For just $25, anyone can equip her/himself with everything that we’ll need to survive the catastrophic possibility of a Trump presidency.

It includes a gas mask, a hand crank radio, an application to become a permanent resident of Mexico and a golden locket with a photograph of Barack Obama.

Info source: AdWeek

Click the image below to view the full survival kit package:
Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 9.10.18 AM

Briefed while Adulting on the weekend.

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