It seems like a long way off that social video could start to eat its way into TV, but think about this for a minute:

Why do people still pay for cable?

The best shows are all available on demand.

Netflix + Crave + Shomi combined are significantly cheaper than even the cheapest cable package, so why aren’t we all making the jump?

Live events.

The news (yes, people still watch TV news), reality TV and sports are the only things keeping cable TV on the market.

What happens when you can not only get those things in live, high resolution quality, but you can also see how your friends are sharing it, tag people, have conversations and discover multiple viewpoints at the same event?

It’s beautiful, isn’t it?
With that in mind, check out the steps that Facebook and Instagram are making towards saving us buckets of cash that we’d otherwise dump into Rogers, Telus & Bell:

Twitter to Stream Thursday Night NFL Games


The NFL set out to test live streaming video on their Thursday night games, and instead of giving the contract to YouTube, or, or even Facebook Live they went with Twitter. That’s a pretty strong endorsement of the fact that Twitter is going heavy into live video this year.

Facebook Live

FB LiveThe market wasn’t quite ready for Meerkat. Then it wasn’t quite ready for Periscope. Now, it’s still not fully on board with Facebook Live yet, but a lot of the biggest brands seem to think that there’s value there.

And here’s how it often works: Attention follows cash.

When a lot of high quality content gets created in one place, that place gets marketing budget and influencers, and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Watch for Facebook Live making a big impact in the next few months.

Here are a couple of brands that are first through the wall: