If you’ve been reading this, you know that we write a lot about the idea of creating social content for mobile-first. Depending on the brand, as many as 80% of your fans or followers are viewing your content on their mobile devices, but now Facebook has released data that shows that, not only do most people view content on mobile, a lot of people are never logging in on desktop.

Of the total 1.79 Billion monthly active users, 1 Billion logged in on their desktop a total of 0 times per month, and that number is growing. That is bananas, because as recently as 18 months ago, Facebook was a bit of a disaster on mobile.

Apparently their redesign has worked, and what that means for us is that, not only should we be considering mobile when creating social content + ads, desktop should be an afterthought.

That means bolder, simpler images, shorter copy, and videos that are easy to understand without audio playing.

That also means that the idea of designing mobile-versions, or “with mobile in mind” should be ditched from our thinking. Instead, it should be replaced with the idea that we are first, foremost, and often exclusively communicating with people through their phones.

Here’s the problem: We work on big, beautiful Mac monitors. We present on 70 inch screens and, in general, we are judged by our peers, bosses and clients on how our work looks in that format.

If we have the courage to forego some of that popularity in the board room, then all of our work will improve.

What does that look like?

Build to mobile viweports. Design to mobile ratios. Build presentations using a phone as the frame for the creative.

It may not be sexy, but failing to do so is like holding on to an outdated language because we think that it sounds better when the people we’re talking to will never understand what we’re saying.

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