The last few months have been exciting ones here at Junction:

We’ve refined our focus to deliver what we’re best at: social media & advertising, our team has grown, and we’ve moved across the hall into a bigger, better space.

What better time for a new website?

What you’ll see:

Previously, our focus had been on bringing together a team with a wide range of skills, then customizing a plan for our clients’ needs. The opportunity that we saw was to focus on the specific things that we believe in most strongly, have always delivered the best results for our clients, and are needed by the types of organizations that we want to work with.

We’ve done that, and will be releasing our fresh site shortly.

Our focus has always been the right content for the right people at the right time. What that means for us now is that we are helping our clients create great content and promoting it in a way that makes actually improves the networks that they live in.

In short, we’re delivering social advertising that benefit both the brand and the user.

Not possible? We believe it is. Stay tuned – we’re going to show you more very soon.