This week Facebook released their latest feature: Graph Search. It’s the ability for users to search for people, places and topics in the same top search bar that we’ve had for a while, except now we can use it to find out just about anything about our friends.

For advertisers, the ability to segment Facebook users by interests, activities and likes is nothing new. What has changed is that now everyone can find specific people and pages who have publicly posted about their search terms. The difference is that advertisers can identify a group of people whereas users can now identify exact individuals and view their public profiles.

Will Graph Search change the way that people use Facebook? Probably not. What it will do is give us the ability to find out some very interesting information about our friends. Have you ever wondered which of your Facebook friends is really into My Little Pony? Now you can know.

We played around with Graph search today, just to see what possible search terms it could generate. Here’s 6 that pretty much everyone should find out about their own friends as soon as possible:

These people should probably remain internet friends only.

We all have guilty game-pleasures, but it could be useful to know who to expect to see those “Send Me Lives!!!” posts from.

Taking a stand for something that you believe for is awesome, unless you’re still eating its delicious salty meat.

Close friend: Organize an intervention. Not so close: Unfriend and move on.

Have you ever been to a party and wondered who mysteriously snuck PSY onto the playlist? Mystery solved.

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