Remember back in 2014 when we were all saying that brands needed to figure out how to share interesting photo content on social media because that’s where the attention was going? There were two common responses:

  1. We don’t have the time/budget/resources that it would take to shoot the steady stream of photo content that a channel like Instagram would require
  2. Even if we did, what would we share?

Those same conversations are happening again, but this time the content is video. Just when brands and marketing departments had gotten comfortable with the idea that they need content calendars, briefs, and a healthy mix of user-generated content, the market has shifted.

82% of global internet traffic will come from video streaming and downloads in 2022
Source: 10 Video Marketing Statistics that you need to know in 2022


Here are a few recent numbers to show just how dramatic that change has been:

Does this mean that you should run out and start a TikTok for your brand today? Maybe, (read more about brands taking on TikTok here) but just like in 2014, there are a variety of ways to act on the trend. Remember, in those days, the two most common types of brand content on social media were text-only, or text with links posted to Twitter or Facebook. The rise of Instagram didn’t mean that every brand should drop everything it was doing and rush over the photo app, but years later a lot of people are wishing they had made the transition earlier.

Consumers report their favourite type of content to see from a brand on social media is video
Source: 10 Video Marketing Statistics that you need to know in 2022


That’s where we are with this new form of video. What may feel inconvenient or uncomfortable right now is quickly becoming table stakes, but we’re still early enough with content opportunities like IG Reels, or even LinkedIn Video, that there are early-mover advantages to be had.

In case any of that resonated and you’re wondering how to get started, or step your game up, we’ve put together a set of recommended resources.

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