We’re part optimist, part skeptic, and endlessly curious.

To us, inside out is a hope for the future of business. Digital is the greatest thing that’s happened to brands since the printing press, and it provides an opportunity for growth that hasn’t been seen since. When everyone with a keyboard and an internet connection has the opportunity to create commerce, the customer wins in a universal way that has never before been possible. Our company exists to fan that flame – we cheer for the underdog, we dream big and we hope that our work contributes to a global movement which is a better relationship between brand and provider.

We are infinitely curious, relentless in our search for truth and bold enough to challenge what’s been done in order to advocate for outcomes that we can all be proud of.


Conner Galway

Conner founded Junction because he saw a need for organizations to expand their thinking about what’s possible for digital value within a business.

As Junction’s strategist, he spends his days researching, analyzing, and solving problems with our clients. He shares his latest thinking in our weekly email called The Brief that’s read by executives at many of North America’s most revered brands.

Some of that work has seen him help to build a digital learning platform for Destination BC, develop internal communications capacity for lululemon, and an omni channel guest experience strategy for The Donnelly Group.

Aside from his work as a consultant, Conner has become one of Canada’s premiere digital speakers, teaching and developing curriculum at schools like Brainstation, Simon Fraser University, and Capilano University.

Right now he’s most excited about using digital to create the best possible experience for companies and all of their stakeholders, including suppliers, partners, employees and customers.

Flynn Lowry
Managing Director

Flynn has worked in a variety of roles, including strategy development, project management, digital advertising, copywriting, and content coordination. His focus now is working directly with clients to create plans and equip them to effectively execute their digital marketing strategies, which allows him to dig into all of his different areas of experience, and build new ones as the space evolves.

Over the course of his career, Flynn has had the opportunity to work with well over 100 organizations that span industries such as hospitality, travel, tech, charity, fashion, and B2B services. As a result, he has identified simple elements that are common across all successful teams, and effective ways to manage communications, both internal and public facing.

His background, attention to detail, and passion for digital done well makes him a uniquely talented consultant who backs every one of his recommendations with thoughtful research and detailed plans that make implementation a breeze.